Front Ensemble

Front Ensemble auditionees must show proficiency on keyboard percussion instruments, timpani, synthesizer, or electric bass. Auditions for an “accessory only” position will be handled on an individual basis. 

Front Ensemble Audition Packet

Please prepare the following exercises 

Singles (all major keys, 2 mallets) tempo = 96-120

Goggles (all major keys, 2 mallets) tempo = 96-120

Yak-Scents (written key only, 2 mallets) tempo = 88-100

Blocks 3/2 (written key only, 4 mallets) tempo = 96-112

Block Chord Accents (keys of C,F,G,D major, 4 mallets) tempo = 96-112

Electric bass, timpani, and synthesizer auditionees should contact Prof. Ancona for individual audition materials.

Suggested tempos:

The Front Ensemble text book “Up Front” is recommended for all new members. 

Up Front should answer all technical questions for two mallets and four mallets as well as timpani technique.

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