For students who are interested in auditioning for the cymbal line, we highly recommend attending the mini-camps during the summer. At these camps you can work on technique with the instructors and learn what will be expected of you at the audition.

All cymbal auditionees need to play check patterns with sticks on a pad or drum. Practice these with a metronome. Tempo maintenance, rhythmic accuracy and consistency of sound will determine who makes the line. Cymbal auditionees should also memorize the cadence. As well, familiarize yourself with all other exercises, though these will not be on the audition. A student's ability to adapt to and learn cymbal technique will also be factored into the audition results. Technique videos are coming soon!


Cadence 116-120, Legato 25 92-104, ONEtwoTHREE 96-120, 8.51 96-120,  78er Redux  108-136, Flam workout part 1 72-92, part 2 88-116. Check Patterns 80-120. 13 (eighth note pulse) 128-152. 

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