Four Easy Steps to Join the Band:

1. New Members fill out an online interest form.

2. All members fIll out UD-MBander. we will let you know when they are available!

3. All members register for the course: MUSC470 Sec 011 (the section number is IMPORTANT). This is a NEW COURSE NUMBER

4. Audition at Band Camp (August 21 is the start of band camp).


Battery Audition packet - Updated to 2020 packet

The linked EXERCISE PACKET includes the audition material as well as ALL of our other exercise music. See the table of contents on the packet for audition requirements. 

For battery there is a separate download with several exercises MP3s.

We are looking for performers in all sections including: timpani, synth players, and a digital sound system manager

Click the link for all materials:

Snare Drum

Tenor Drums/Quads

Bass Drum


Front Ensemble

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